Masturbation in Ancient Cultures

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Masturbation has been a controversial subject since the beggining of ages. In China, for instance, masturbation was forbidden for men, because theu believed it to kill the vital yang essence.I nthe other hand, women were allowed to masturbate as much as they wanted as long as not with a foreign object because they thought women had never ending ying.
For other cultures though, masturbation was considered creative and empowering. In Egypt, for example, it was said that the god Osiris created the world through an act of masturbation and during the rituals of the pharao's enthronement they would masturbate before the god's images "to expel evil and honor the gods of generation".
In India, Arabia, Japan and the ancient Greek considered masturbation normal and even encouraged poeple to do it by themselves or together, this was common in public baths. There are legends in greek/roman and hindu mithology in which the birth of some gods were explained by an act of masturbation of a greater god.
For the western cultures though, people used to believe that men had a finite amount of sperm, and so, masturbation was considered a waste. Besides that, masturbation was considered the cause of many harms like headaches, nosebleeds, memory loss, blindness and even psychosis. The Christian church still considers that masturbation is a sin, because they think that the sexual act should only occur with the intention of reprodution.
In a few islamic cultures of Africa, masturbatoin is condemned and prevented though female circumcision, which is considered a mutilation nowadays.